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AOD-9604 Acetate 250 MCG Rapid ODT Melts 30-Day Supply

AOD-9604 Acetate 250 MCG Rapid ODT Melts 30-Day Supply

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Product Description:

AOD stands for anti-obesity drug. AOD-9604 was originally developed to be used as an anti-obesity drug, and is known to help burn fat and support weight loss. AOD-9604 is a modified fragment of human growth hormone (HGH). AOD-9604 injection therapy can be prescribed to help stimulate the pituitary gland (similarly to HGH and other growth hormones) to boost metabolism, and support weight loss.


AOD-9604 injection therapy helps regulate fat metabolism by stimulating lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and inhibiting lipogenesis (the transformation of non-fatty foods into body fat). As a result, greater weight loss results are achieved in a shorter period of time, as more calories are burned than with normal dietary restrictions and exercise alone.

AOD-9604 triggers fat release from obese fat cells more predonimantly than lean ones. It mimics the way natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism with no adverse effects on blood sugar or tissue growth.

Studies have shown AOD-9604 to be an extremely powerful and effective fat burner.